Italian killer who fled jail for seventh time present in sheep pen

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picture captionGiuseppe Mastini is returned to police custody in Sardinia after escaping jail
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A assassin who escaped from an Italian jail for the seventh time earlier this month has been discovered hiding on a farm in a sheep pen, police say.

Giuseppe Mastini, nicknamed “Johnny the Gypsy”, was on momentary launch from a most safety facility in Sardinia when he disappeared on 6 September.

He was tracked right down to a farmhouse close to the north-western metropolis of Sassari.

Mastini, who first escaped from jail in 1987, reportedly dedicated his first critical crime on the age of 11.

Following his escape in 1987, he spent two years on the run, and in that point he murdered a police officer, kidnapped a younger lady and dedicated dozens of burglaries.

Police groups from Sassari, Cagliari and Rome participated in his seize on Tuesday.

Giuseppe Mastini escaped from the Sassari prison on 6 Septemberpicture copyrightState Police
picture captionMastini had dyed his hair blond in an try to cover his identification

Mastini, who had dyed his hair blond in an effort to hide his identification, reportedly instructed police he had “run away for love”, however didn’t elaborate.

He was unarmed and didn’t resist officers as he was as soon as once more taken into custody, police stated.

The proprietor of the remoted property, 51-year-old blacksmith Lorenzo Panei, was additionally arrested, accused of harbouring a identified fugitive.

Mastini escaped from authorities on plenty of different events, together with from a jail in northern Italy, by making the most of his momentary launch.

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